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shoulderporn! thanks nephthys_abode


Posted on 2009.04.26 at 01:22
Current Mood: sadsad
Bea Arthur passed away Saturday, April 25 :(

shoulderporn! thanks nephthys_abode

I'm back....

Posted on 2009.01.22 at 20:31
Crap there's a lot to catch up on.
I'll update later.

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Nepi....this is totally for you :)

Posted on 2008.06.09 at 02:20
The Undertaker will work WWE's upcoming tour of New Zealand and Australia. WWE is doing an angle where Vickie Guerrero is allowing him to "bid farewell" at the shows. The company is passing it off as The Undertaker was added to the tour because Big Show was removed due to injury.

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Posted on 2007.11.03 at 22:57
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Moolah passed away today- sadness :(

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Posted on 2007.08.30 at 16:21
Feliz Aniversario Shelly!!!

Which is portugeuse for Happy Birthday...lol...I really need to start talkin' to some English speaker online

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Posted on 2006.11.26 at 09:51
So I'm going to do this:

Any Soldier

They just want some care packages for the holidays. Which if I send now, they'll get in about 2 years...lol. I couldn't decide what to send, so somebody's getting a giant box of candy. That's all I'm sayin'.

So ya'll should check the link and maybe give a little...I figured that I send enough stuff to the people I know over there. There are still a bunch of service people who get nothing. It's sad really.

shoulderporn! thanks nephthys_abode

Yo Shelly...

Posted on 2006.09.17 at 22:40
Current Mood: ehhh
This is just for you...

I was reading this site and saw this and started laughing. Thought you'd get a kick out of it.

Nascar Postcard to PostSecret

shoulderporn! thanks nephthys_abode
Posted on 2006.09.03 at 10:33
I'm bored and doing quizzes-so I'm gonna put 'em under a cut so as not to get myself in trouble...lol

clicky for quizzesCollapse )

shoulderporn! thanks nephthys_abode
Posted on 2006.08.30 at 07:04
Happy Birthday Shelly!!!

shoulderporn! thanks nephthys_abode


Posted on 2006.08.20 at 10:00
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Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Welp-my neice is possibly going into labor. She's having a girl! I'm pretty excited cuz my nephew and I are pretty close-I can't wait to see this kid of his...lol. That is-if my sister doesn't hog her!

Anywho-after work tonight, I have to pick up my nephew Dylan-that's my brother's son. He wanted to stay the night with me since there is no school tomorrow-for preschool at least-lol. Yesterday was the first time I have seen him in a year. He was my dancing buddy all day at the wedding. I was kind of surprised he remembered me-and remembered that he used to call me Aunt Bye-bye. Cuz everytime I showed up at his house when he was younger I'd take him home with me...lol.

I started writing a new fic yesterday-but I also started making a baby blanket for my neice-so I wonder which one will actually get worked on in my free time...

That's it for now-gotta get ready for work. Too bad I didn't ask for Sunday off too...lol

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